Cellular Automata and Generative Music with AC Toolbox (2003 - 2006)

D Burraston

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On this page are a number of pieces made during my PhD as background research and to help create a general process for using DDLab / Mathematica / AC Toolbox to create CA sound pieces. Basin of attraction images created in DDLab, CA data rendered from custom programs made with Mathematica and imported into AC Toolbox to generate MIDI data. Music files are in MIDI, mp3 or AAC format.

Suggested reading :

Burraston, D. (2006) Generative Music and Cellular Automata. PhD Thesis, Univ. Technology Sydney, Australia.

Burraston, D. and Martin, A. (Nov. 2006) Digital Behaviors and Generative Music, “Wild Nature and the Digital Life” Special Issue, Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol 14

Burraston, D. 2005. Composition at the Edge of Chaos. Proceedings of the 2005 Australasian Computer Music Conference.(Brisbane, July 2005).

Chaotic Allophonical - AACfile

Chaotic 1 dimensional rule controlling allophones.

Cellular Silence (for John Cage)

Rule 25 plays the notes and rule 0 makes them all have zero velocity (loudness). Midi & mp3. Text files for notes & loudness.

Screenshot of AC Toolbox showing the Density section, Velocities, Make window & part of the Note stockpile.

rule 25 boa with 7 cells rule 0 boa with 7 cells

Harpsichord r38r217 - AACfile

Screenshot of AC Toolbox showing the Data sections & Make window's

rule 38 boa with 8 cells
rule 217 boa with 8 cells

Chaotic Pianola (for Conlan Nancarrow) MIDI files



CPr30 CPr30ii CPr46

Bit Player - AACfile

rule 105 boa 12 cells

rule 150 boa 12 cells

R60 Pianist - AACfile

rule 60 boa 6 cells

Onikr45 - AACfile

rule 45 boa 8 cells

Onikr6 - AACfile

rule 6 boa 7 cells