CMCA - (Chaotic Modulations and Cellular Automata)

Dave Noyze

CMCA uses Bill Vorns 1 dimensional binary Cellular Automata (CA) Max external, two chaotic oscillators and a 1/f Voss Noise Generator, as means of musical parameter generation with composer/performer/artist inter-reaction as part of the generative/algorithmic compositional process..The CMCA prototype is currently built in Cyling74 Max as a 1 voice sequencer, with the voice assigned a unique cell in the 1D CA. Event selectors are controllable in real time. The events triggered are note, velocity, duration, MIDI channel and program. An event is generated by a cell if it contains a 1, other wise no event is generated. The root decisions of event onset are controlled by the 1D CA, which may be seeded randomly or by mouse clicks. This allows an interesting juxtaposition between performer and automated machine. Other performance controls are individual voice muting and Internal/External MIDI clock with divider.

Features :

1 to 256 cell 1D Cellular Automata core

Chaos generator mapped to note table

Chaos generator mapped to velocity table

1/f Voss noise generator mapped to duration table

Variable length/direction data tables for note, velocity and duration. Continuous Controller tables planned

Table playback for pre-rendered data by Real BASIC / Acorn BASIC programs

Handrawing/modification of data table is also possible

Internal/External MIDI clock with divider

Single voice assignable to any CA cell. (Multi voice version planned)

MIDI channel and program change

Screen shot of 1 voice CMCA prototype system :

2 Screen shots of MIDI data in the Logic Matrix Editor :