Series Sequencer - Dave Noyze

Based on Otto Henry's Fibonachi Music generator. I basically ripped Otto's Max patch apart, constructed a user interface, matrix and series generator/creator section, to allow for the construction of arbitrary number sequences. The main concept of this program is the accumulation of numbers picked from a series of nine numbers. The range of the accumulator is adjustable and produces a normal and inverted output, for the left and right hand. This left and right hand sections allow for a MIDI note range and 3 duration values to be specified, any notes produced outside this range are sent to the "Waste Gate Dump Valve" section. The velocity can be set to a high and lo value or be cross applied from the other hands MIDI note value. There is a small slider bank for metronome rates and metronome durations, which currently are simply cycled through. A small programming matrix allows for parameter mapping. Record to MIDI file / record audio in.